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Unlock Advanced Features of 4Shared

4shared, The Best Free Music App for Android, Unlock advanced features now.

All of us love music and documents and would love to store them in the phone but then comes the memory problem. However, the memory getsfilled to the hilt and that too even after several trash and cache clearing sessions. Therefore, here is a complete guide and details on how to use the app 4shared and,Unlock advanced features.

Get to know more about Free 4shared music.

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4shared for Android

  • 4shared for Androidis an app which makes accessing music from different parts of the world very easy.
  • Not just music, you can upload with 4share allyour documents, videos, music and pictures etc so that you can remove them from your phone’s internal memory.
  • Thus, it allows you to clear your memory and reserve it for more important things.
  • You can access it from your Android phone anytime and from anywhere.
  • To make your search more refined, you can enter details such as time, day size and other details of the file you have uploaded.

Facts about 4shared:

  • Large database: 4shared has a huge database, therefore you can search for the file you need and just add it to your account which is very easy to create. You can either sign up by entering your details which will take only a few minutes or you can just log in through your Facebook or Gmail account which most of us have.4shared is a big cloud storage service and it gives you 15 GB data which can be utilised to all the functions you want.
  • Completely free: Other music apps charge you for downloading music from their music database but 4shared music does no such thing. You can do the 4shared download for free which means simply downloading the files you want for free with no extra charges.
  • High Compatibility: Another important feature is the fact that 4shared is compatible both for computer and the android. Therefore whatever you store in your account, you can access the same from 4shared for android free.
  • Excellent Synchronisation: Such high flexibility is not offered by many apps because there are some apps which work best for android but when they are accessed on a computer, they do not work as seamlessly as they work on the android.Your 4shared for free app ensures that there is seamless synchronisation between your Android and computer version accounts.
  • 4shared for Android

Some specific features of 4shared for android for free.

  • You can access quickly and easily to almost 30 million and more files.
  • It has a user-friendly interface thus it is very easy for yourto search and find the file you want.
  • It is a multipurpose app. You can access various kinds of files and also you can instantly with for that Unlock advanced features add them to the personal database you have created for yourself through upload with the 4share
  • Through Free 4shared music you can listen to music from different language,unlike many such apps which have only English and regional language music. also check best mp3 music download free site.

Unlock advanced 4share features

With the advance 4shared features, you can sort through the files using various pointers such as size, the day of uploading etc. There are many other premium features such as, to get them one need to Unlock advanced features:

  • Ad-free sharing: The premium version comes with some very cool features and one of them is ad-free downloading and sharing.
  • Large storage: Unlock advanced features 4sharewith a large cloud storage of about 100GB for all your files.
  • High Data Security: The data is highly secured as SSL encryption is added.
  • Premium download: A fast and resumable download speed with direct download links are provided for best service of downloading.
  • Great Backup: The backup service is included so that you never lose access to your data in case the files get deleted.


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