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Trap Music How to Create and Use

Trap Music,How to Create and Use

Music is what every one of us likes the most. However, there are several genres that different people like. One of the latest trends in the music space is the new genre of Trap Music. Though the genre may not be quite new as it may appear to be, it has been gathering a momentum only recently. What it is and how would one use it? That is exactly what we will be covering in today’s post. Since understanding music is  not everyone’s cup of coffee, we have made an attempt at explaining the music genre in a layman’s language discarding the technical know-how.

Trap Music – What It Is?

Track Music refers to a genre of music that employs a darker mode of hip hop sound along with 808 kick drums and multi layered synthesisers. Music experts consider it to be a sub-genre of Southern Hip Hop music.

In fact, the Trap Music is characterised by hi hat, double beat per minutes and string sessions. The genre has been gaining a stronger momentum over the past few years and has been gathering popularity in the dance music culture. But, that does not mean that the it has evolved only a few years ago. It does have a history. However, it is only through a couple of years that there has been hype towards EDM Trap Music. The music genre has been around for quite some time now, but the influence of EDM 0r the Electronic Drum Music is being felt only in recent times.

The Evolution of Trap Music

The Trap Music traces its beginning to the 1990s. It owes its origins to Atlanta in Georgia. In fact, the term Trap has its connections to the drug peddling. The rappers here were referred to as Trap Rappers for obvious reasons.

Later on, some music producers, especially those dealing in Hip hop genre began producing instrumentals for popular rappers. That is when the music genre began getting mainstream popularity. The music by composers like Lex Luger began depending too much on heavier usage of 808s, snares and synth keys. The trend continued through multiple levels of evolutionary changes before being finally reaching a stage that it is referred to as Trap Music today.

A few of names associated with making the trap music genre popular can be summarised as Waka Flocka Flame, Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Three 6 Mafia, and Manny Fresh who had been popular rappers. It further received the boost thanks to the efforts by composers like Lex Luger, Zaytoven, and Young Chop.

How To Use and Create Trap Music?

Well, It involves usage of booming 808s, meanwhile providing a great deal of diversity within the genre. Some of the aspects you need to take care of while creating Trap Music can be summed up as here below

The 808s

Trap Music needs a larger sub bass. You should build a stronger 808 kick. Finding the perfect 808 should be the first thing that should be on your mind if you want to create useful trap music sample.

Ensure that the typical tempo is in the range of 140 BPM. That would make it a little different from the hip hop music as the genre tops at around 80 BPM. In some cases, the Trap Music has a tempo of 160 BPM, thus doubling the tempo when compared to the traditional hip hop.

Opt for the best Kick and Snares

The kick and snare are the two factors that affect the music considerably. Choosing the right kick and snare should be what would make your music – or your Trap music, rather – one of the best.

Make sure that the mid-range frequency of your kick. This is generally referred to as Knock. In fact, it should be quite important for both your Kick and 808 blends together effectively. In fact, if you indeed want to stand out, make sure that your kick/808 combination works perfect.

The Characteristics of Trap Music

What makes Trap Music what it is? Well, it would be wiser to understand the concepts so that you can learn what exactly Trap Music is.

Trap Music is basically characterised by the bleaker, gritty and ominous kind of lyrics. What would make Trap Music an interesting option in addition to the emphasis on loud and hard hitting instruments is the lyrics that tend to be a sad theme. Most of the times, the lyrics revolve around the poverty, hardships, the life on the streets and violence that the artists presumably went through during their early life.

When it comes to the instruments, Trap Music depends heavily on multiple layered and hard lined synthesisers. What should essentially characterise Trap Music can be crispy and rhythmical snares, deeper sounding 808 kick drums, divided hi hats, and utilisation of strings and other keyboard instruments. A perfect combination of all these factors would create an energetic, hard hitting, deeper and full of power experience to the listener.

The Future of Trap Music

Where would we see Trap Music in a few years from now? Well, people and music lovers have been treating it to be the next stage of the dubstep music. However, we do not expect it to reach the height of the genre just as yet.

The trend and the genre of it has been slowly taking of. In fact, it is becoming a part of EDM track and that could be one of the features that would take it to the new heights quite soon. The genre has been already popular with the experimental beat nights or at the parties.

Given the fact that the music has been going through a huge range of permutations and combinations nowadays, it may not be far enough to find a new generation of this creators and fans alike. Until that time, we would think of Trap Music as one of the genres that simply thrives on 808 kicks, bleaker lyrics and a hard hitting combination of snares and kicks.


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