RockMyRun: Best Workout Music App For Android and iPhone Users

Hello, Friends, are you like music while workout in Gym or while morning walks? If you really want to enjoy on Rock and DJ songs then you can listen to songs on RockMyRun Music App. This Music app will give you extra feeling while morning walks and gym. you should use this app. If you are doing daily exercise. Okay First, I will tell you about this Music app. Let’s Move on topics.

What is RockMyRun?

RockMyRun is the world’s best music app for a workout. This is famous for fitness app. It includes worlds best DJs Track and playlists. Helps you to lose your weight, increases your performance and makes physical exercise very interesting.

it includes a 1000 Djs of mixes only designed for you. Peoples are enjoying a workout with a RockMyRun. Body Driven Music helps you to adjust music with your heart rate and steps.

World’s best DJs like Talented DJ’s like David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Zedd, Afrojack, Major Lazer and other best DJs running music helps you to best experience for a non-energy workout. Playlists in this app automatically synchronize with your body.


Why is it Popular?

All songs specially designed for the workout in this app. There are various categories of music included in this music app. there are Rockstar mixes, which are longer than 45 minutes. Peoples are mostly used for gym training, marathon, long-running, CrossFit class, boot camp class. This music app has the ability to match your tempo as you move. There are lots of variety of songs available in this app.

It’s easy to find your taste songs in this app. All songs in the RockMyRun app are seamlessly blended together and specially selected that gives you unique workout experience. Personalised suggestions feature also available in this app that constantly updated based on your listening preference.

What Expert says? A leading exercise research lab EPARK also tasted a RockMyRun app. EPARK gives best results for RockMyRun. Peoples are enjoying their exercise with RockMyRun and increase enjoyment up to 35%.

Cost & Availability: It gives us all features that unavailable in the standard music App. it gives you a trial period for limited access. Rockstar premium upgrade available in this app by using this you sync unlimited music, unlimited skips, preview tracks. You can discover new music based on your mood, activity. you can become a member, here is the link for new users-

RockMyRun gives stations like hip-hop, Rap, EDM, dubstep, Pop, Rock, classical etc.  it also working with your running apps like Strava, Nike+, Runkeeper, MapMyFitness etc. it’s available in the app store and also in Google play store.

Features of RockMyRun:

  • DJ-Curated and seamless music available in this app.
  • GPS Tracking feature also available that helps you track your activities.
  • Apple watch music control also included in RockMyRun.
  • 1000’s of workout stations available in this app.
  • Access to Reviews and Ratings.
  • Ad-free songs available in Rockstar membership.
  • You can also listen to tracks with low connectivity.
  • Preview of tracks available in Rockstar membership.
  • You can also adjust tempo manually with your steps and heartbeats.
  • Unlimited skips available in Rockstar membership.
  • RockMyRun available in both apple store and google play store.

I hope, you will use the RockMyRun app while workout. It has good reviews for their quality and features. I’ve also listed their little features in this article. Thanks

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