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Best Mp3 Music Download Free Sites For Your Music Tracks

Music has always been known to have soothing effects. Where do you get your new music from? Buying CDs has already gone outdated. The advent of the internet has brought new dimensions to the simple task of listening to music.

However, downloading music for free on the internet is not an easy task though. Even then, there are several sites that would help you download songs over the Internet.

We will check out a few best free music download sites that would help you download millions of tracks for free.

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There are several free music download websites, but separating hay from wheat is what we are up to. Out of tons of free mp3 downloading sites, we have chosen the cream of the cream for you so that you can enjoy your music to your heart’s content. You can use these sites and services for safe free music download.

1. Jamendo

Jamendo is one of the best music download websites that claim to have over 450,000 tracks in its library.

The members of the service share their music for commercial usage. If you are looking for mp3 music download free, Jamendo should be your best choice for the license free music.

The creative commons license associated with the tracks available on Jamendo makes it one of your prime choices as you would be able to make use of the track for any of your commercial requirements – even for your YouTube videos.

The service comes with different categories that you can browse through so that you can find your free mp3 music in a few simple steps.

Go through the categories like popular, most downloaded, recent and most played tracks and choose to download your favorite tracks easily. You can use the service for free legal mp3 download.



2. Mp3Raidz

Mp3Raid is in fact, one of the most popular songs download sites you can find to suit your requirements in free MP3 music downloads. Looking for best songs for free? Look no further than MP3Raid.

All the tracks available on MP3 Raid are legal and licensed. You should be able to download music across all genres. Check out the trending and top 100 music download tracks for your needs.

The service comes with a list of the latest tracks across all genres. You may also create playlists of your choice and download all your songs in one batch. If you are a Bollywood fan, you should get a good collection of the latest songs under one roof.


3. SoundCloud

Soundcloud is one of the famous sites that can be used to download a host of music tracks for free and legally. Remixes, karaoke, unreleased tracks – those are just a few categories among a host of them that you can search music for. One of the best options for MP3 music download free online, SoundCloud should be your prime choice.

However, if any of your chosen songs are bound by legal issues or licensing terms, you may not be able to download the tracks. In any case, you can enjoy streaming.

However, there are several tracks that are solely released on SoundCloud alone and these will be free for download. In fact, some of the tracks are not available elsewhere. Why not go for an account on SoundCloud and enjoy your music.

You can sign up for your Google Plus or Facebook accounts. If your chosen track is available for download, you should see a Download button.

SoundCloud can be your best option as the best place to download music. You can use the service to MP3 music download free online and that makes it a great choice for your music requirements.


4. SongsPK

Yet another powerful free mp3 downloading site, SongsPK has been one of the best for your requirements in free music downloads. Originally a Pakistani site, it offers you a wide range of songs collection across Indian and Pakistani songs.

In fact, though it contains songs that can be downloaded without any license (kind of illegal downloads), SongsPK has been the widely used site for music downloads. It has faced bans several times in the past, yet has been resurrecting itself in newer avatars.

The Indian songs collection on the site is quite enviable. You have access to a wider range of classic and latest Bollywood songs in abundance.

There are also songs from other Indian languages available here. Apart from the movie songs, you also have access to Pop Song, Remix songs, Ghazals, Bhangra, Artists, Weddings as well.


5. Mp3Skull

The service was much popular in terms of the best site for free mp3 download. It has lost the luster a little a little now, however, it has still remained in the reckoning even now.

The homepage lists out the top 100 songs list and we are sure your favorite song should be on the list by all means. The search button is another option that should help you get your songs in a zippy.

The service is known for providing the latest songs and tracks at quite a faster rate. The high-quality songs are what you would definitely love this service for.

One of the best top free music download sites, we would definitely want MP3Skull to make a recovery and become the number one once again.


The Concluding Thoughts

Well, which of the services indicated above do you like the most? We would rate all of them to be wonderful enough for almost all genres of music lovers.

Where to download music – if that is what you are worried about, the top sites featured above should help you out in finding the best source for downloading your favorite music. In fact, the sites in this list should provide you a good collection of Indian songs mp3 Collection.

Which of these services have you used for MP3 music download free? Do share your opinions with us. If you think there are any services that should be on this list, you can share them with us as well. If we think they fit the bill, we may consider adding them to our list of MP3 music download free sites.

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