How to Use Jamendo Music on Laptop | Jamendo Free Music Downloads

Jamendo is an online music source that has stock of more than 3, 00,000 tracks in various formats. Downloading music from Jamendo is free and legal to stream. The new artist can also publish their song on Jamendo under creative license.

Everyone can have an unlimited download of the quality music. It’s available for the different Operating system such as Windows 7, 8 and 10. It’s Music and Audio application is developed by Parshwa Technologies. Currently, the latest version to download music from Jamendo is 1.0.

Here is Step To Download The Music From Jamendo

Steps of downloading the Jamendo music on laptop/Personal Computer (PC) are:-

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You can use Jamendo music in two way. first, free subscription and second, Paid Subscription. In free subscription, you will get MP3 quality and In paid, you will get an HQ audio file with the license.

  • First, you have to visit web browser homepage and open the link jamendo.com/en.
  • The popular number of artists can be seen. There will be a path of signing up and contributing to Jamendo.
  • Sign up for Jamendo account is easy as it gives access to share and review the music with other users as well.
  • Just click on sign up link at top right of every web page.
  • Facebook account sign up or just use username and password, put your email and sign up. This sign up will give access to several features in it.
  • If you already have an account and forgot your password, you can select forgot a password and utilize its features.
  • Explore the music where there is the music of thousands of artists, built-in player for sampling the music, as well as internet radio channels based on genre. The selection menu is available where you can get to know top 100 tracks if the week.
  • Stream some music from the track. It will open in the bar. The purple speech bubble button on the music bar help to share the music with other Jamendo users via Facebook, email. The add-to button will add the song to a playlist and then you can download it easily.
  • Browse music by genre by clicking on Music at the top bar and select tags from a drop-down menu. Then hundreds of different thing will get open and that music is conventional pop, rock etc.
  • A similar artist can be searched by clicking on Music and pick an External artist and put the name. The site will come up with the list of music from those artists.


Download option:

  • Music can be download easily through Jamendo. It is available in Mega Pixel (MP3) format. Moreover, if anyone has Bit Torrent client, then it can be download Ogg Vorbis files from peers.
  • Create some playlist or you can create your own playlist for later download by clicking on the + button which says “Add to Playlist” which will pop up allowing the user to add the song in the existing playlist.

Music can be download and streamed with these steps. Enjoyment level will be high through Jamendo music store.

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