download music from SoundCloud

How to download music from SoundCloud

SoundCloud is undoubtedly one of the most popular music streaming services. The service based in Germany has grown popular enough as an online music streaming and podcast service. The service has become quite popular enough and gained a name for itself as the YouTube of Audio Streaming. Just like most of the other services in its genre, SoundCloud too does not offer a means of downloading the songs from its service straightaway. How would you download the music from SoundCloud? Check out the steps involved in the following paragraphs.

How to download music from SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is one of the best online music streaming services and boasts of around 175 million users on a monthly basis. It is a platform that helps you upload and stream your favourite music seamlessly. In fact, it has been the hot favourite with the host of stakeholders in the music industry – right from big music labels to individual composers.

But, what if you want to download a music track on the service? We will explain a few methods to download songs from SoundCloud. You may use the option that suits you the best.  There are a few third party tools that aim at helping you download music from SoundCloud with ease.

SoundCloud Downloader

Please note that either for this method, or any other option we would be discussing ahead, you need to get the exact URL of the song. You may not be able to download the whole playlist.

SCDownloader or SoundCloud Downloader is one of the most popular websites you can use to download music from SoundCloud. You can directly enter the link for the URL of the song in the interface and download any song you would want to. The tool is quite simple and easy to use. In fact, it has been considered to be one of the fastest services in its own right.

The tool lets you download the song in the MP3 format through a few simple steps. Moreover, the service is also available in the form of a Chrome extension as well.


ClipConverter- as the name itself indicates is a tool meant for video clips. However, you can also use it for downloading the music from SoundCloud in addition to the option for downloading videos.

Get the URL for the song that you want to download and enter it in the appropriate space and click on Continue. You would get the options to choose the quality of the download. Under normal circumstances, you should get two options to download. However, if the uploader has not set the track as downloadable, you would get only one option. In any case, you would be able to download the track of your choice. You can choose the output format of your choice among the MP3, M4A or AAC.

The time taken for the download will depend upon the size and quality of the music file. Once the conversion is done, you can click on the Download button and are good to go.


SoundDrain has been considered to be the most attractive websites to download music from SoundCloud. The service is quite fast with its performance.

The functionality of the service remains the same as with the rest of the services we described in the above discussion. Just launch the site and enter the exact URL of the song you would want to download. The service has recently changed the domain name. Check if the other domain does not work.


In sharp contrast to the other services we have discussed so far, JDownloader is an app based mode for downloading music from SoundCloud. Apart from SoundCloud, the service also works across other audio and video streaming services.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app on your PC or Mac device, rest of the steps would be quite simple and easy to follow. You just need to copy the link of the URL for the song you would want to download. No need to paste it, the app can detect it automatically. Go to the Link Captureoption , right click on the link and select Download. The song would be downloaded easily.


This is yet another online service like most of them in the list. The service can be used to download a song from SoundCloud through a few simple steps. What makes it an excellent option is the ability of the tool to provide a host output formats.

The tool can be used for downloading video or audio from a host of streaming services including SoundCloud. It does support almost all popular output formats. A few examples can be MP3, AAC, OGG, FLAC, WMA and M4A. That would indeed be a proof to indicate that the tool has quite a few options to choose from. The easy functionality and simple interface are a few features that would make it an exceptional choice.

In Conclusion

SoundCloud is a capable and one of the popular music streaming service by any standard. Being a free music streaming service, it has been one of the great options for listening to almost all varieties of music tracks all around the globe. Though the service does not offer you a means of downloading the tracks that much easily, yet the methods and services featured above should help you achieve the task much easily.

The functionality across the multiple services we have outlined here remains almost same. Make use of any of the tools mentioned here depending upon your preferences and download music from SoundCloud with ease. If you have used any of the services from those featured here, do share your opinions and views with us. In case you have used any other service we may have missed in this compilation, you share them as well with us so that our readers would stand to benefit.


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