iTunes alternative for Android

Best iTunes alternative for Android

Best iTunes alternative for Android

If you have an iPhone, iPad or any other iOS devices with you, iTunes should be something you would be struggling with. Of course, it is one of the best and excellent options for music management for all your needs on an iOS device. However, when it comes to the user-friendliness – the iTunes should be one of the worst. Are you are not comfortable with iTunes and looking for the alternatives? This article is an attempt at letting you choose the best iTunes alternatives for your needs. Here is our list of a formidable list of iTunes alternative for Android.


The iTunes is available solely for iOS devices. You may not be able to get it on your Android devices. One of the able reliable media management tools for your Apple devices, iTunes can be the best for syncing and organizing data on your smartphones.

Best alternative to iTunes for windows

How about checking out a few alternatives for iTunes on your Android? Let us analyze a few best options you can use instead of iTunes on your Android device.


DoubleTwist is one of the excellent iTunes alternatives for Android you can opt for. It lets you transfer your favorite music, videos, and image files with ease across your smartphones. Offering an easy to use functionality, it is the best media management tool for your needs.

What makes it an excellent choice? Here are a few features –

  • You should be able to connect your smartphone to the PC through the USB cable or WiFi.
  • The tool is quite simple to use and manage. No high-end technical expertise required.
  • The software also lets you convert the music files across multiple formats.
  • It can sync with your iTunes library so that you would be able to sync your music collection across multiple non-Apple devices.

Would you think it is interesting enough?


An excellent iTunes alternative for Android, MediaMonkey should be the best option to sync your music files between your smartphone and Windows quite seamlessly. MediaMonkey can be your best option if you have a huge music library.

Check out the following features to get a feel for the software tool –

  • The software can download multimedia files through the DLNA technology.
  • Transfer the files to your smartphone and Windows quite easily and seamlessly.
  • Use it either as a standalone app or a portable one through USB drive.
  • Tagging is handled in an excellent manner
  • The interface is quite customizable enough.

Check out and install MediaMonkey.

Samsung Kies

Kies is to Samsung what iTunes is to Apple. The service has more to it than just media management. You should be able to transfer and sync contacts, images, videos and podcasts among others. The service also excels in transferring and syncing your iTunes library.

Some of the features that would make it an excellent option for the iTunes alternative for Android phones would be

  • A complete solution for transferring almost all the information including photos, images, music and videos among a host of other kinds of data.
  • Use the app for syncing all your data on Samsung device.
  • It also offers you excellent backup functionality as well.

The only downside would be the lack of support for other Android devices except for Samsung smartphones. If you are interested, you may give it a try at.


A music management tool with vintage looks should be the hot favorite with the music lovers. The software is completely customizable and quite powerful. It can be your best bet for the alternatives to iTunes.

Some of the features that would make it an excellent service are

  • The app is quite basic in nature, but it has several add-ons that would be quite useful.
  • It offers you a complete media management options on your devices.
  • You may also use it to play your music on your PC through your Android device.

Thinking of giving it a try to this wonderful iTunes alternative for Android? You can find it on.

Wondershare MobileGo

Importing music is a cakewalk with Wondershare MobileGo. Manage your music, apps, contacts, files and other multimedia files with ease. If you are looking for the best iTunes alternatives, Wondershare offers you an excellent choice.

Some salient features of the Wondershare MobileGo making it best iTunes alternatives for Android are

  • It offers you the data recovery options as well in addition to media management functionality.
  • It also has a component referred to as You can use the tool for screen mirroring of your Android device.
  • Import all your music, playlist, contacts, videos and other files between your computer and smartphone.
  • You can also use it install, uninstall and manage the apps installed on your Android. This is the feature completely equivalent to iTunes.
  • It also offers you backup and restores functionality as well.

You may download the Wondershare MobileGo from here.

The Concluding Thoughts

Well, iTunes is indeed one of the excellent media management tools for your iPhone and other iOS devices. Most of the tools we discussed in this compilation of iTunes alternative for Android are free and easy to use. Of course, a few apps on this list come with in-app purchases. You may opt for the same if you really want to explore the additional features that these tools offer you.

If you have already used any of these apps for your media management needs, do share your opinions and experiences with us. Your feedback can go a long way in helping our readers make a knowledgeable choice in terms of the best alternatives to iTunes for their Android devices. If you have any other favorite iTunes alternatives worth the attempt, do let us know about them as well. We would give a thought to add them to our future updates.

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