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Best Free Music Download Sites in 2018

Best Free Music Download Sites in 2018

Are you someone who loves music more than anything else? Looking for the best free music download sites? Well, there are a host of them that specialise in music download functionality. But, what about the legality of these sites? That is exactly is what we will be covering in this post today. We will list out the best free mp3 music download sites. Let us check out our top ten picks for the best in music downloads.

Best Free Music Download Sites in 2018

Music has always been associated with soothing effects. How about the ability to download some free music from whichever genre you are fond of? This article will list out the top ten picks for the top ten best free music download sites that would offer you truly legal music.

So, without much ado, here we go with our featured free music downloading sites. Enjoy the ride!


The service has been active since 2003 and had been a force to reckon with before the advent of the biggies like Spotify. It is used by the artists and musicians to upload their creations and promote them.

Some features worth the attention can be

  • Almost all the music is free to stream, while most of it is available for download as well.
  • The best platform for the emerging talent in the music industry.
  • PureVolume also offers you access to social media networks so that you can connect with the artists and other users on the platform.
  • You may search for the music nearby.

The service has over a half a million users a month and that should speak of its popularity.

You may check them out on the


It has access to thousands free music download options. SoundClick offers you an option to offer free music download if you, as an artist, are willing to offer free music streaming and download.

Some salient features of the service are

  • It offers you an easy to use search bar. You have access to multiple filter options like artist, genre or year of release.
  • The free music download site provides you a radio option so that you can continue to listen to music while you are at something else.
  • The service is not completely free, but offers you a mix of free and paid content.

SoundClick should provide be available at

Jamendo Music

The service has been in operation for many years and has been one of the best free music download sites in 2018. The titles are completely free to download and use and completely legal at that.

What would make it to this list of music download sites? Maybe these features have a clue –

  • The titles covered are protected with Creative Commons License.
  • All the music available on the service belongs to independent music. If you are checking out any labelled music, you may need to look elsewhere.
  • The playlists are constantly updated.
  • It also offers you a paid option for those who are looking for licensed music.


Amazon Music

You felt we have been into some kind of joke? Not exactly. Amazon Music does have a section dedicated to the free music downloads. And the library under this section is constantly updated.

Here we go with a few features that should make it an excellent choice –

  • The library is indeed the best in its genre.
  • You have access to new releases from bigwigs in the music industry.
  • You can also look for specialised music that includes workout, medication and other kind of music for musical journey.
  • The music you download from Amazon Music can be taken anywhere without restrictions. That means you need not listen to it only on the device you have downloaded it on, but any of your other devices.

Want to give it a try? You check it out on the

My Mixtapez Music

In sharp contrast to other free music download sites briefed here, My Mixtape Music is an app, rather than being a site. It specialises in Hip-hop music, though it offers you other genres of music as well.

Want to check out the special features that the app has on offer? Here we go with the select features –

  • You have access to a wider selection of artists, collections and albums. Choosing your favourite music should be much easy.
  • The service is best suited for the Indie musicians and new rappers emerging.
  • If you are a musician yourself, it can indeed be the best option for promoting yourself.

Sounds interesting, right? Why not give it a try at

Wynk Music

The music service from Bharti Airtel, Wynk Music has been one of the most powerful players in the music arena in India. Find and organise your favourite Indian music with ease through the free music download sites like Wynk Music.

Some features worth the attempt include

  • The app can be used download free music on your device. But, it can double up as the best music management app as well.
  • It offers you a wide range of Indian music spanning across multiple genres. A few options include Bollywood, Bhangra, Indi pop and several other options.
  • If you are one of those looking for regional flavour in your music, this is the best you can go with.
  • It also offers you some of global music as well, but the focus would be on the Indian genre.

Thinking of opting for the service? You may check them out on

MP3 Music Download Hunter

This is yet another new entrant in the arena of free music download sites and apps. Once again, this is an app specialising in providing you free music downloads.

What makes it a viable option in free music downloads? Here are our reasons –

  • It has millions copyright free music tracks for your listening pleasure.
  • All the songs available on the platform come under creative Commons license.
  • You may not get the major level content on the service, but still being a new entrant the service works at its best.
  • The app also lets you organise and manage your music.

Want to find more about the app and the service? Head over to


For a difference, this is a free music downloads service that would work both as an app and web portal. This is yet another option for Hip-hop mixtapes fans to enjoy their favourite music.

What are the features worthy of mentioning? Well, maybe these are a few reasons-

  • It is available both as an app on Android and offer a web portal interface as well.
  • More than 5 million downloads so far should be an indication for the popularity of the app on Google Play Store.
  • The service claims that it is completely legal, though there are a few litigations.
  • You can also use the app for streaming your favourite music if you are not interested in downloading it.

Why not have look at the app, or the site? You can get more information at

The service has been one of the most popular in terms of free music download sites since long. However, it had some issues and was banned back in 2014. However, it has now reincarnated itself in the form of an able service yet again and offers you a wider choice in streaming or downloading your favourite music.

There are several features that would make it an excellent service in itself –

  • It offers you a YouTube to audio converter option.
  • In fact, it can convert any music track into a free to download music file for you.
  • The service also has a MP3 Cutter to trim the unwanted parts of the audio file.
  • It has a lot of copyright free tracks that you can download for free.

You can make a beginning with the free music download site at


SoundCloud is indeed a mainstream music download service. However, it does come with a free music download sections as well, just the way we found it with Amazon Music.  The free music streaming service can offer you free music tracks if you are sure how to find them out.

So, how does this free music download sites fare? Check out these features –

  • It offers you a wide range of free music tracks.
  • You need to go through your own search criteria to find the track you are looking for.
  • The streaming service is completely free, but you may not have access to downloading some premium tracks.

You may check the service at and enjoy your musical journey.

In Conclusion

That should be all we have for the best free music download sites we have for now. We would advise you to check through a few options among those featured here before reaching a conclusion about the service that suits your requirements.

Having gone through all those sites for downloading free music, we would just appeal to you not to play with copyright laws in your region and enjoy the best of the music for free as long as it is legal. Or else please pay and support the artists.

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