alternative to iTunes for windows

Best alternative to iTunes for windows

Hello, friends, iTunes is a perfect media management tool for Apple devices. In fact, the tools are best designed and functional enough for managing all your media on your iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device. However, it does come with a few inherent issues that may not be comprehensible for most of the layman users. User friendliness is a huge concern with the tool. Arguably it is one of the most tougher software tools from a usability point of view. That is precisely why we have been looking for the best alternative to iTunes for Windows.

Best alternative to iTunes for windows

iTunes is practically the GO TO tool for the Apple owners. If you are looking to sync seamlessly your videos audio and other media content across all your iOS devices. For most of the Apple users, it could be the fists and the last resort. However, there are people who may be looking for the alternative to iTunes for windows for varied reasons. If you are one of them, you have several substitutes for iTunes on your Windows system. And yes, most of the iTunes alternatives for Windows in this compilation are free.


It is one of the great alternatives to iTunes for windows. It has a few points in its favor making it one of the excellent alternatives, while we would treat the excellent performance as one of them. Yet another feature worth the attention would be the easy to use interface in sharp contrast to iTunes.

A few features that we fell in love with are

  • It can be the best option for the low powered PCs
  • The tool does not need you have iTunes pre-installed on your PC
  • Apart from the media transfer functionality, you also have a ringtone maker and video converter built within

Are you interested? Check out the best alternative to iTunes for windows for free at.


If you are checking out a capable alternative to iTunes for Windows that would work both on Windows and Mac, PodTrans should be your best bet. Simplest and performance oriented, the tool should be the perfect among the alternatives to iTunes for Windows.

What makes it a great option? Well, there may be a few reasons –

  • The simple interface would make it a perfect alternative to iTunes on Windows
  • The simple design would make it quite intuitive to understand
  • When it comes to music management, nothing can beat PodTrans
  • It is available both on Windows and Mac OS

You may check it out on


Looking for a completely free option among the alternative to iTunes for Windows? Floola is your perfect alternative to any standard. Designed specifically for iOS devices and Motorola, the capable media management tool should be your excellent option for an iTunes alternative.

Some salient features worth the mention can be

  • Manage your files quite easily and seamlessly
  • Transfer your files between Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • It can also solve the issues with any music track with Floola

You may download the excellent among the iTunes alternative for Windows on


The name should give it out. SynciOs is a perfect tool for syncing the content from your iOS. It has everything you would expect from a good alternative to iTunes for windows.

Here are a few features that should make it one of the best alternatives to iTunes for Windows –

  • You can use it not only for media but practically any content including wallpapers, ringtones, and other files
  • There isn’t a paid version, making it the only free version for your needs
  • It can be synced either way
  • The tool also offers you a backup facility as well

If you find it to be your perfect option among the alternatives to iTunes for Windows, you can download the tool from


MusicBee happens to be the hot favorite for the best alternative to iTunes for Windows. In fact, it doubles up as a music player and a feature filled one at that. It offers you a host of other features in addition to being the best in class option for all your needs in media management between your iOS device and Windows PC.

Here is why it is one of the excellent options to make it one of the best alternatives to iTunes for Windows –

  • It comes with a built-in music player
  • You can use it to manage and organize your music library in an efficient manner
  • The interface is easy to get along with and customization to suit your taste
  • You also have access to a 15 band graphic equalizer
  • It can import all your music from iTunes

Would you want to give it a try? Well, check it out at

You can also check Best iTunes alternative for Android also, click here to know how..?

In Conclusion

Of course, iTunes is indeed a capable tool for all your media management requirements on iPhone, iPad or any other iOS device with ease. We would assume that the top five tools enlisted in this compilation should be your best options for the alternative to iTunes for windows. Each of the tools explained here should have something to do with almost all genres of users. The final choice would depend upon your personal choice.

Are you using any of the alternative to iTunes for windows featured in this compilation? If you do, share your experiences, opinions, and views about the featured tools with us. If you find any of your favorite alternatives to iTunes for Windows missing from this list, do share them with us as well. Your feedback would be quite valuable for us.


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