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11 Features Of Android Oreo 8.0

11 Features Of Android Oreo 8.0

Hello friends, this new android oreo come with new features of Android Oreo 8 in which it is now much smarter, faster, more powerful and much more sweeter than ever. The cookie which everyone likes in the world comes with Android as new operating software.

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Here most conman 11 Features Of Android Oreo 8.0, we are going to discuss.


1) Faster Phone:

This mobile is 2 times faster than any other Smartphone. As when u clicked on any task or application it get started 2 times faster.

2) Background Limits:

In all Smartphone background application creates a problem as it consumes battery a lot but this mobile helps to minimize background activity in the application and provide superpower to the mobile that you have never imagined. As Android Oreo has control over the application so it helps to improve overall performance.

3) Autofill:

Forgetting in the application in supersonic speed there are Autofill features that remember your logins data and do log in with your permission.

4) Picture-in-picture:

The great strength of this mobile is it allows tow application to run at same time and you can see two applications at same time. It should have super strength and laser vision in the Smartphone.

5) Notification dots:

In the Smartphone press the notification dots to quickly view what is the message and easily clear the message by swiping them away at any time.

6) Android Instant Apps:

You can go into new app directly without installing the application and directly from browser you can enter in the application.

7) Google Play Protect:

Android Oreo 8.0  helps to keep your device and data safe as it help in keeping application safe and scan over 50 billion apps per day even it scan those application which are not installed yet.

8) Battery Life:

While talking, playing, working or streaming other Smartphone battery go down but Android Oreo keep it strong and full of life. It keeps battery high so anyone can confidently talk to anyone without fearing about battery down.


There are 60 new emoji available in this Android Oreo 8.0 as it helps in sharing feeling with anyone with fully redesigned emoji set.

10) Accessibility Volume:

Android Oreo give audio feature where volume get optimize by the mobile and as per user.

11) Ambient Screen:

Whenever there is any notification on mobile, Android Oreo 8.0 highlights the incoming notification in a larger font. Moreover, it highlights application name and helps for immediate access to notification action.


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